easylog WMS Achieve real-time stock management
and boost productivity in your
  • easylog software is designed for the integral, flexible and affordable logistics management of an operational supply chain network

  • It has been designed to monitor, decide, and act on any supply chain component including manufacturing, procurement, service requests, collection, transportation, handling, storage, processing, distribution and goods recovery

  • easylog is a transactional system. Its architecture has been designed to support the performance and requirements of a logistics operation

  • easylog engine allows hot configuration change management, without disrupting the current operation

  • Its 100% web technical architecture is structured in three business layers: service orders, work orders and tasks

  • The easylog Lego paradigm means a simple and flexible configuration of business processes. There are more than 10,000 components available to play with:

Integration capabilities. easylog has interfaces with:

  • Most ERP, MRP, SCM world class platforms like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Navision, AS/400, etc.

  • Warehouse automatization devices including miniload, scanners, pick to voice, pick to light and sorters

  • Several transportation agencies

  • easyLoad module facilitates message mapping between business parties

  • easyProcess monitors the whole easylog information interchange and provides proactive multichannel alerts